The best airport parking services to save you time and money

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Parking at the airport can be a costly exercise that can significantly add to your travel costs. Here’s how to cut parking costs when traveling.


Sometimes we have no alternative but to park our cars at the airport when traveling. This is often a struggle as we battle to find a parking spot that is safe and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you are planning a trip soon, you can read reviews of the best car services in your city. Reviews are a useful tool that can help you search topics like airport parking services on review sites for American companies. Click on the link to be redirected to a review page that has hundreds of reviews that can help you find the best services to keep your car safe while you are traveling. 

What factors should I consider when choosing to park at the airport:

#1: Cost

The cost of parking at the airport is dependant on how close the parking lot is to the airport terminal building. The closer the parking, the higher the cost. How long you will park your car at the airport also has a significant influence on the cost of parking. Short-term or daily parking rates are much higher than long-term or off-site parking. 

#2: Safety of your car

It comes as no surprise that the safer parking is located closes to the terminal building. These parking lots have 24-hour security and cameras to keep watch over your vehicle while you are away. For cheap, safe parking, look at options like hotel parking or satellite parking lots which are located off-site, but have great security and low rates. There is even a shuttle service that runs on the hour between these lots and the airport terminals.

#3: The type of parking you require

If you are going on a quick, 2-day trip, a spot in a short-term parking lot would be ideal and worth the cost. For longer stays of a week or more, booking off-site parking might be the cheaper option and has better security than the long-term parking at the airport.

The best airport parking services

Larger and more popular airports have come up with innovative ideas for providing clever parking spaces that not only maximize the use of space but also make the experience of finding a parking spot easier. Here are a few of the best services that we have come across:

  • Car parking lifts – this makes use of mechanical lifts to park cars in a stacking method. This is a great space-saver and accommodates more cars than an average parking lot.


  • Parking guidance systems – these are usually electronic boards that direct drivers to open parking spots by showing the number of empty parking spaces in any lot at the airport.


  • Valet or meet & greet services – a valet meets you at the airport and collects your car for parking. On your return, they deliver your car back to you. 


  • In-garage baggage drop-off and claims – going through baggage claims can be a tiring, long process. Airports that allow in-garage baggage drop-off and collection can significantly reduce the time spent trying to check your bags in for your flight. 


  • Mobile payment methods – in a world where technology advances daily, mobile payment methods are showing up everywhere and are a convenient way to pay. Mobile payment services can benefit travelers and cut down on the time spent queueing to pay for your parking.


Great airport parking services make travel a little easier and more convenient for travelers. Take advantage of these services to park your car safely at the airport. A good idea is to read about the parking services at the airport you will fly out from, planning ahead and ensuring you get the best parking ever.

Read reviews on airport parking services to help you determine which services can save you the most time and money.