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Automotive upkeep advice from a pro


Spring is right up the road, and that means it may be time to prepare the family car for travel.

As the weather improves and the highways emerge from beneath the ice and snow, many families and individuals will be looking to take trips across Saskatchewan and Canada, looking to experience all the great destinations available.

But after a long winter, it’s important to remember to check in on a few things under the hood.

Brett Bedford is the manager of Cypress Motors Quick Lane Service, located in Swift Current. He would like to point out some beneficial maintenance that can be performed on a vehicle as the weather warms up that can help prevent wear and tear, and improve the vehicle’s performance.

“One thing that is important is your cabin air filter,” pointed out Bedford. “It will affect the performance of your air conditioning in the summer. You want to get the freshest, cleanest air in your vehicle as possible.”

A fresh air filter install can help improve your air to fuel mix, as there are fewer atmosphere particulates that get into your engine, like dust and pollen.

It also helps your cabin air conditioner by supplying clean, fresh air that it has to work less to cool. Cleaner air doesn’t carry warm or even hot particles from various outdoor sources that your air conditioner would be working to cool with the air.

Bedford pointed out that while there may be things like transmission fluid flushes and spark plug replacements required, there are also simple things to keep an eye out for.

“As soon as winter is over and you’re getting your snow tires off and your summer tires on, have a good inspection,” Bedford elaborated. “Make sure that there’s no torn CV boots, or break damage from the ice, salt and water.”

Winter is hard on everybody, but also on everything. Remembering to maintain and upkeep a vehicle is an important part of getting ready before heading out on the road. Better to be safe and secure with an inspection, than stuck waiting for a tow.


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