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Garage Management App Development – Cost and Key Features


Businesses have vicinity in their eyes, especially the automobile industry. In 2022, the automobile industry will see a transition rate of 40%, which is the largest inconclusive in the last decade. With the amalgamation of technology like AI and the IoT, the niche industries have shifted to unfold new dimensions for the world.

And this is not the end. The industry has consoled new trends of selling and refurbishing outdated and old things. The idea is great at the times but the management lies down in need of some garage management software. 

Industries have previously had an all-the-time headache of managing the sell and buy equipment; a great garage syncing application could yield greater outcomes for them. 

So this is the time for the garage management service providers to come into the actual picture. With the advent of digitization, it is easy for newbies to enter this industry.  

In this blog, we are writing about how to create an application for garbage management, and second, what is the cost to build the app for the same.

Firstly started with the niche and the features for the creation and the insights of the app. 

Let’s begin!

What do you mean by a garage or automotive app development platform?

What does the garage management app offer to the people? It helps them to offer great solutions to the industry like invoice, profit, income management, selling and buying of products to the industries, and many more solutions. 

This can be functional with the all-in-one solution to manage the internal and external garage equipment in a single place. 

With the coming technology, infusion inspires many other developers and the coming entrepreneurs to prepare a fully robust and functional platform for the users. 

Present stats and market analysis of the Garage Repairing Industry

The automated garage management software manages things without any hassle. Which results in quick sales and loyalty-building to the users. This effectively boosts your business values in the market.

Let’s look into some figures for more understanding; 

Coming to the figures… The global automotive repair market is expected to be estimated by 2025 at $875B with an annual growth rate of 6%. This generously affects the market repairing and maintenance which can be easily diagnosed inside the device to improve the service quality. In the US alone the market size is valued at $68B in 2022, with 3.6% annual growth rate. It is ranked 3rd in the list of most used services due to largely wear and tear. 

The service stores must adhere to the new trends for the business to better exquisite the transitional changes of the technologies tools, equipment, and machines. 

In addition to that, the industry experts believe on behalf of the reduced auto part repair shop like O’Reilly that demand would rise for automobile repairs and parts. 

This industry needs to sync in parallel with the auto repair shop and integrate with the telematics as per the auto care association. 

With the combination of STEM to automotive technicians, it’s evident for the industry to create the value part of the job in the market of garage maintenance software.

Garage Management App Development – Cost and Key Features

How to start your garage management application?

It is the application that supports the proper functioning of the garage items disposal. This management application properly records all of the streamlined processes which include inventory, order, vehicle service information, repository parts, workshop vehicle equipment, and other leave management. 

This easily automated system can be a savior for the organizations to process faster and clean the wastages at any location besides the time. For the business, it must be essential to boost its sales and retain potential customers in the end. 

It gives the trust to the customers and they can use the premium services in the end.

Now is the time to discuss the steps for starting the garage management software for your business. 

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  • The garage management software helps to manage every garage operation for the management of garage inventories and bookings. 
  • Home pickup and management applications help the clients with the quick pickup of their waste parts.
  • Users login to their accounts in the application and then proceed can share their current status of a car and other vehicles
  • The company will effectively land with the solution as soon as possible. And if possible they can change the outdated part with replacement. 
  • The garage management company stakes with other similar merchants which mutually support the user’s demand.
  • Users can personalize their choices of replacement with the filters available at the application interface; like color, wheel type, and windshield replacement. 
  • Once the service is done the user can share their feedback in the panel. For any further assistance, users can connect with the support team.

Technologies involved in the garage management application

For the cost-saving solutions, it is the verse to combat it with some fine technologies. Are you looking for cost-effective solutions? The expert developer will fully cover all of your technological landscape with their on-demand solutions. So when you want to clean your trash, you don’t need to dig in any hassle. 

  • For the ios and android platforms; Swift, Objective-C, iOS SDK 
  • Front end and back end; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular JS, React, ASP.Net, etc. 
  • Database handler; MongoDB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server 
  • Real-time analytics
  • Cloud server: Amazon AWS
  • Payments: Stripe, Braintree

Different Platforms to function the garage management software

Pairing the right business aspect with the technology could eventually raise the efficient functioning of the garage application while helping the developers to reduce the pressure at the endpoints. With the integration of AI enables the seamless management of in-house garages with the external repairing facility merchants. 

The software is categorized into two methods;

  • Cloud-hosted web-based; 

This type of model is situated at the hosting platform like a cloud for the quick management of the inventory and the bookings. 

This helps to allow good flexibility and automation. This server is accessible from anywhere only the merchants have the authority to log in. These cloud-based systems are customized as per the user’s needs and demands. 

This cloud system is the best in many ways; like it helps for the quick monitoring of the stock. Once the user requests for repairing or selling of their item parts, they can easily place their query over the platform, answered by the service provider in real-time.

The sold parts figures are deducted from the count of the inventory and in case of downtime of the stock, it is refilled with the items as per required. 

These solutions however affect the cost of the app. Third-party integration, databases, and automated tracking solutions are important for the real automation of the app and increase the overall cost of the platform.

The complete list of the modules that are needed for garage management is; accounting, account management, CRM handling, inventory management, vendor management, data security, inventory control, and many more.

In support of that the automotive workshop management software helps to manage the prior things in many ways. It calculates the clocked hours, car in and out, collection volume, bay utilization rate, available hours, working hour warranty. 

The garage maintenance software runs for the three panels; garage owner app panel, user panel, and mechanic panel. 

In the garage owner app panel; the owner has all the premises to control and manage the crucial things in the warehouse. He can entirely monitor every minute thing and limit it in case of any discretization. Proper scheduling of the items for the inventory, update of the new and old items, in case of stock limitation he can ideally manage the regularities and obtain better services for the users. 

The other two panels are the user and mechanic panels. 

The user panel is for the users to manage their profile and edit the things which they are looking for in the app. 

Under the history section, the user checks their entire transaction process and adds their needed items as per their preferences. 

A Mechanic panel helps the mechanic to provide better services to the user. He can track any of the requests coming from the user end. Once acceptance of the request, he gives services to the user. All in all, he can supervise the entire system to give the best services for the users and maximum benefit to the business. 

Features and modules needed for the automotive garage management app

Let’s look at the features and functionalities of the garage management software with an underestimated glance. 

Garage management app development


This is the prime software tool to evaluate the complete details of the transactions happening in the warehouse. Including the financial summary and reports analysis of the store from different areas, it would be easy for the owners and the dealers to provide accessibility to the users. 

Database of the customer

It’s the complete information about the customer which makes the scheduling and management of everything such a seamless task. The entire details of the customer confirm the past and recent quotes if any and calculate the total number of times you have performed the repair for them. 

Billing and invoicing

Now sending the information of the pending bills if any; or recurring bills is as smooth as this feature of the app. Customers get the entire detail about the bills, invoices, and services they gave orders in the past for their vehicles. 

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Warehouse control

The warehouse tracker tool helps to monitor the complete history and details of the inventory stores which are connected with the app. Within a period, the user fetched the details of the nearest warehouse and ordered their items. 

This feature is vital to quickly control and manage the complete inventory with the details. 

Maintenance of the garage and scheduling

Users can’t wait in line or queue for long just to pick up their vehicle and repair it. Rather than using this easy to manage app, users schedule their timings and do their other essential tasks without any halt in the middle. It is best for both the inventory store and the users to avoid any disturbance. 

Decide the labor rates

The labor rates feature allows the service providers to enlist their rate details in the section for a quick view. It helps the users with fast decision-making of what they have to pay for their particular service to avoid any buzz afterward. 

Repair management 

Under this feature, the owner can track the number of invoices raised for the repair from the user side. This is smoothly done using the repair management tool. In addition, if there’s a shortage of some parts then the vendor will refill the things just at a glance. 

Estimate of price

This section covers the entire information of the labor rates to the customers. So they can avail any of the services as per their budget. 

Order of goods management

The management of the parts of the vehicle is the reason why we need a garage monitoring tool. This feature helps the admin about the status of their parts and in case of any malfunctioning of the part it gets repaired or replaced. 

Push app notifications

Let the user get every minute detail of the important status of the services they want. 

They can easily track the details of the nearest service store to the serviceman, the time at which he will come and repair the part. It keeps the user aware of the expiry time for part servicing, any upcoming appointment, and likewise important things. 

Option for assistance

This is a must-have feature for your application. It let your user connects with you 24*7 warmly without any failure, and this is how technology advances our way of living. For the new user who is unaware of your services, it gives a brief overview in one shot. 

Payment options

For any successful application, it is a must avail multiple or more than one option for the users to pay. This feature easily integrates with the app and helps for quick payment without any fail. 

garage management app development

Tools for marketing like SMS and alerts

The more you avail the more you are trusted, and that’s how the whole functionality of the app is functioning in sync. To get connected with the customers in real-time it is important to add features like SMS or alerts. 

Apart from that some of the advanced options are there to fuel up the automotive syncing of the garage items and proper scheduling. First on the list is; 

3d car configurational operator

This 3d car configuration operator helps the vendors and the service operators to easily design their cars and emulate the parts inside them. This is however an advanced feature of the automotive workshop management software which gives the most widespread visibility to the user. 

Quick Access by the user

Within the single launch via the tip of the finger, users can now access their every relevant history from the quick history panel. 

Report management

This report management tool is the online feature panel that helps to manage every minute report from the start to the end of the booking, payments, invoicing, sales, inventory checklist, and everything under its control. 

Mechanic dashboard in real-time

In short words, it is the sum-up tool that helps the owner and mechanic for how much total time is required for every job in the vehicle. Depending upon the size of the vehicle now you can estimate the time before every functioning. 

Schedule new jobs 

The customer getting updated with their status in real-time is the most important part of your customer loyalty and driving business in the run. Using the schedule and creating new job features it’s now just a fraction of time to handle everything smoothly under your clutch. 

Profit loss information via Zoho books

We recommend that the users keep their records of booking and history of their vehicles under this section. It helps them with the commutative information about the recurring amounts in real-time. 

Integration of the documentation

The sumup document within the hands is very efficient for the new users and old ones to look into the details for the first time in the case they have forgotten something before. Easy tele documentation is the real asset for the business to motivate the users and the service providers to get more insight about everything about this new garage shop software. 

Track your bookings 

This feature is directly integrated by the developers into the application. It helps the users with every brief of the business in the relevant domain. Users can now track their selling and buying of the parts and inform about the new one if required. 

Some of the earning models to develop the Garage Management App Development

I am sure, once you have understood the process to create the garage app, you are quite curious to learn about some of the best tactics to pick the right customers for your business. 

We have compiled some of the best revenue lucrative models for your niche business that could help to take forward your identity and add money to it.

1.Commission-based model: 

When you have no idea how to gain profit from your business, this model is probably the best option for you. Here you not only earn better money but land a good amount of traffic on your platform. 

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In the commission-based model, your service provider and you mutually deal to gain customers at your business platform. You can hit the right service aggregators to combinely improve your business and retain money. 

2. Service-based model:

This type of model is categorized according to the service. The motto of this model is to retain first decent traffic at the channel and next how to convert that into subscribers. 

Initially, get started with your garage repairing services for free to catch large niche customers. You can avail them of some free services like repairing parts, replacement with new ones within three months, and letting them check their transactions history and other bills for free. Also, you can gauge some new services to them as per their data, vehicle type, and other filters. Overall improves their experience on the platform and makes them use your app.

In the next turn, some of the exclusive services are just for paid users. Compose a package of quarterly, monthly, or yearly as per their choice to use premium services just at their doorstep. 

3. Advertising services model:

This is next in the row, and probably the most exciting model for your business. Under this type of model the service provider requests your platform to have some space. He would place their ads relevant to the niche users at your business about his services. This can leverage their presence to the right customers in just no time. Home screen and based on the analytical tools he can visualize more about the areas which are best for him to pitch to the customers. 

Above all the models have a high success rate to improve the service quality and money at the channel in a short time. You can choose any one of them as per your business analyst’s suggestion.

The cost factors to develop the garage management app

Calculating the entire factors for Garage Management App Development cost, it is vital to say that this niche development would not cost you high. The final cost includes the integration of quality features, demographics of the users, number of platforms, and many other crucial aspects. 

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The estimated garage management app development cost is approximately around $30k-$35k and in addition to the advanced technologies, the cost is shifted to a little high of $55k. 

Popular apps in the categories of the garage app

Let’s talk about the most interesting segment of the blog; popular apps in the domain. Coming to the fact and popularity of the repairing and automobile industry have splendidly crossed the borders, it’s high time for the new partners and you to cross-check about their occupied competitors. This gives them more ideas to harness their success. 

Here we go!


It is first on the list of our successful auto garage repairing software for the industries. Their services are budget-friendly under 5k per month; plus the app is a seamless structure for managing everything from signing up to a user-friendly dashboard. 

It is your easy workshop software app for complete management of your daily business including customer creation to invoices. 

Virtual garage manager: 

It is another giant in the segment to automate your complete garage repairing tools. You can manage every detail related to your vehicle using this software. In the market, there has been a prominent shift in the users. Their services started from 3k onwards. 

Some of the top management features like shop management, marketing, and others are highly customizable both for the users and merchants. 

MAM auto work online:

It is one of the advanced management tools for your garage, letting you assist your entire business in one go! It consists of the best functionality that helps your business for better sales, CRM, stock management, and inventory control. 

Final Words!

Koovers, the first car maintenance service provider, attach a self-diagnostic tool for the quick facility to their registered customers. Many entrepreneurs could enable the workshop management software to give hassle-free services to the user in case of any errors diagnosed by the tool. So that the user can’t wait for their turn. 

You can provide such error-free services to the user to save their cost and time. Start your garage management app today. 

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