19/07/2024 8:14 AM

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Feel The Experience – Know The Power

As the time draws closer, I get more and more excited, I can’t wait for the new Challenger, and the new Camaro to hit the market, I think that these two cars will make a huge impact on the muscle car world of today, and possibly help a few people to see more clearly about theses cars, maybe it will stop the government from whining about them, oh and not to mention some of the hippy type people that still exist today, just to take the thing that a us muscle car freaks consider the good things in life away.

I love muscle cars, and I always will love them, the thing here, is once you’ve been bitten by the muscle car bug there is no cure, well not that I’m really looking that hard any way, but the Challenger with it’s 425 HP hemi, and the Camaro with it’s 400 hp small block Chevy are going to be a lot of fun for people with my same affliction who like Mopar and Chevrolet products, I was ecstatic when the cars were announced to the public, at that point the ball is rolling, and there is no stopping it.

Tell me people have you ever just sat down in your car, mashed the throttle pedal, and though good lord, this is just like a ride at the amusement park, only more fun because I’m in control of it, if so then you have been bitten by the bug, have you ever felt like god when your behind the wheel of your car, do you wake up in the morning and can’t wait to drive it, if so your in the first stages of the affliction, and you’d better be ready for whats about to happen.

If you haven’t already, you’ll be driving down the road, and notice a car sitting there, that you just have got to have, this car will consume a lot of your time thinking about how you can get it, until one day when you just have to stop and ask the owner if they’ll sell it, and if they say no, well then you have a plan to make them say yes, it’s on your mind all the time, you think about it at work, and when your at home with the family, you have been bitten by the muscle car bug.

This is what the new Camaro, and the new Challenger have done to me, and as the time draws closer, I will spend more time chatting about them, you may even think that I work for Chevrolet and Dodge, but I don’t, this is just something that I feel compelled to inform you of, in hops that I may convert a few people back to American cars, in hopes that I can covert a few of you to muscle cars, rather then Honda’s, Toyota’s and the like, buy American, drive American, Be American.

I promise you, if you give these cars a chance, you will have the same fun with them that I have over the years, and one day you may even want to thank me for bringing this to your attention, one day you may be driving one of these cars down the road, and think to yourself, wow this is all that Dave said that it was, and then some, your muscle car will become a part of you, you will become a part of it, you’ll pour your heart and soul in to it, making it your car, and making you an American, be cause nothing is more American the baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.

It doesn’t matter if you buy an old muscle car and restore it, or if you buy a brand new shiny one and have it customized your way, you’ll be driving an American car, and helping America while helping yourself to a lot of fun and good times, you’ll be enjoying yourself, while being a true American and buying American built cars, and you’ll be bitten by the bug, and understand completely what this article is all about, this article is about fun, it’s about being an American, it’s about feeling the power of a true American muscle car, it’s about the feeling that one of these car can inspire up on you, but it’s mostly about fun, you fire the car, and feel the rumble, the lopeety lope of the camshaft as it rocks the car from side to side, it’s about the unforgettable sound of a V8 engine, it’s about dual exhaust, true dual exhaust, big fat tires, and custom paint jobs, not a vinyl wrap instead, it about creativity, but once again it’s mostly about fun.