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How to Repair Blast Freezer Concrete Floor Damage

Daily operation of a blast freezer, also known as a shock freezer, can cause significant damage to the surrounding flooring. These types of freezers are often seen in the food industry where food needs to be preserved but the damage from freezing needs to be minimal. This means food is frozen suddenly in order to reduce the amount of large crystallized particles to enter the food. The smaller the frozen particles are, the less the damage. However, it is this severe fluctuation in temperature that stresses the concrete foundation and leaves business owners with additional expenses.

Despite the overwhelming appearance of deep damage in the concrete flooring, there are affordable and manageable repairs available. Concrete sealants can be applied beforehand to minimize damage as well as after the fact in order to repair and strop further blast freezer damages. Contractors are available to give estimates to frustrated business owners and solutions to their damaged property.

There are generally three different types of professional sealers available to business owners in order to repair a damaged floor. These repairs range from 0mm to 3mm in thickness, 4mm to 10mm in thickness and from 10mm to ΒΌ inch in thickness. The required amount of seal coating depends entirely on the current condition of the concrete floor slab. These types of repairs would generally concern issues like cracks other imperfections in the concrete flooring.

Other extensive repairs such as floor sagging and problems with the sub-flooring require more extensive repairs that require a complete analysis by a professional concrete flooring technician. A professional analysis will allow business owner to understanding the challenges they are facing and the most cost-effective and efficient method of remedying the problem.

For business owners that are advantageous and prefer to reduce costs by performing the repairs themselves, there are ways to resolve some of the more minor damages personally. Thawing out a blast freezer for repairs is not only aggravating it is costly, because it jeopardizes the products in the freezer. For floor damage that is slight, repairs can be done by performing the following steps:

– Wash the floor muriatic acid

– Dry the floor through afterwards

– Utilize an epoxy and mix accordingly with dry sand

– Apply and smooth with trowel

– Allow appropriate drying time (approximately 6 to 8 hours).

Make sure that before performing any repairs that all safety precautions are taken. Muriatic acid is a highly dangerous substance and proper ventilation is required to ensure the safety of the person(s) using it.

To patch and repair blast freezer floor damage and keep the cost minimal, perform regular inspections and reviews and reviews of the flooring. Always consult the advice of a professional if uncomfortable with do it yourself repairs. Regular maintenance and inspection of the flooring can help business owner in prevent more extensive damage such as sagging and issues with sub-flooring.