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How to Transport Your Vehicle to Another State

Moving is hard enough even without thinking about how to transport your vehicle to another state. The easiest way to move a car is to just drive it there by yourself. And you can do that if you’re moving to a neighboring state, and you have one personal vehicle. But, when moving long distance, and crossing multiple nations, you need to know the cheapest and safest way to ship a car.

So, in the following text, you’ll understand how to transport your vehicle to another state!

What to know before transporting your car?

Transporting a vehicle to another state isn’t something you can manage without professional help.  But, the problem here is that you have to find a car transporter that has experience and affordable rates. You can start your research by paying attention to companies with an excellent online reputation. Because that is a sign that most customers are happy with the services they provide, and they left positive reviews. Also, you’ll want to find a low-cost shipper. The affordability is vital for making the decision in the end, but try not to look only at the service price. For some additional information read, the top car shipping things to know and understand.

Car shipping costs

It’s practically impossible to know the price for car shipping in advance. Unless you request a quote from professional shipping companies, like Moving Kings NC. Because their costs depend on a case by case basis. But here are some factors that affect the final cost:

  • the size, model and make of your car
  • the car’s overall weight
  • the distance.
  • the motor vehicle insurance
  • the companies’ vehicle transport rates. Different companies charge differently for the same service

How to transport your vehicle to another state – Find the best car shippers

When you’re in a search for a professional company to transport your vehicle to another state, you need to be careful. It’s very important that you spend some time researching different shippers. So you can select the one that is best for you. This task is similar to when you try to find reliable relocation companies in Chapel Hill to move your household. Try to get some recommendations from friends, family or colleagues that transported a car recently. Fill out a vehicle shipping quote and contact the companies with experience. See if they can provide you a service on the date you have defined. Also, check out several car shippers reviews. Compare the online reputation by reading what previous clients had to say about the service.

Find the safest and the cheapest way to transport your vehicle to another state.

Before you pick a car shipper, talk with them. Tell them your worries, concerns,  or ask anything about how to transport your vehicle to another state. The responses will give you a clear picture of their professionalism and devotion level.

Transport your vehicle to another state – Preparing process

Once you pick your car shipper to transport your vehicle to another state, pay attention to your vehicle and prepare it. There are some steps you must take to get your car ready before shipper arrives.

  • Carefully inspect your car – Look for any signs of damage you haven’t seen. Take a picture of any damage you find and keep those photos as proof of current condition.
  • Leave approximately 1/4 of fuel in the car tank.
  • Have the tires in good condition and inflated.
  • Make sure the car battery is charged.
  • Have the emergency brak operative.
  • Eliminate your items from the car interior – Especially valuables like stereo and GPS devices. All you can leave inside is a child seat.
  • Take any removable exterior car elements. But standard car equipment like tools and emergency kits can stay.
  • Temporarily remove the antenna of your car.
  • Disable the alarm system

Car shipping options

The first option – Transport your vehicle to another state with an open-air truck. This is the most common transportation method, and it is cheaper. Remember all those big trucks transporting two or three rows of cars on some special open-air trailers. Well, those trailers are very similar to the ones that the transportation professionals use. Make sure you ask your shipper about the exact way of transportation. The advantage of this option is that an open-air truck is the lower cost. But there is a disadvantage as well. The biggest one is that this truck exposes your car to the mercy of the weather until it reaches its destination.

One of the cheapest ways to transport your vehicle to another state is using an open-air truck or enclosed truck.

The second option – Transport your vehicle to another state with an enclosed truck. In case you worry about the weather conditions that may affect your car during the transport, consider paying more and use an enclosed truck option. People usually prefer this method when transporting expensive or valuable cars. Like classic, vintage or sports ones. With this option, you’ll have that extra peace of mind knowing that your automobile is safe. So, speak with the car shipping company about getting that extra layer of protection.

In the end, make sure that your car shipper provides adequate insurance, no matter about the car transportation method you choose.

What to do after you transport your vehicle to another state

Now when you know how to transport your vehicle to another state, take a look at the two things you need to do after shipping.

1) At the delivery, you need to inspect your vehicle carefully. Look for signs of possible damage during transport. If you find any, take a photo of those areas and contact your shipping company. Inform them and ask about what should you do next.

2) Register your newly-delivered vehicle in the destination state as soon as you can. Registration period varies from state to state. Some states will give 30 days, while others only 10 to complete that task.