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Jeep Brings Back Gobi Paint Color for 2022


Who doesn’t love an earth-tone paint job?


Jeep fanatics will soon have another interesting paint color to choose from. On Friday, the off road-focused Stellantis division announced a lovely tan hue called Gobi is coming back to the Gladiator pickup truck and will be offered on the Wrangler SUV for the first time.

This sand-like color is named after the vast Gobi Desert of Asia. The paint was offered on the Gladiator back in 2020, though to date, it has not been available on the Wrangler. This is the fifth special color offered on the current generation of these closely related vehicles. Other fun hues that have been made available include Chief, Gecko, Nacho and Tuscadero. Seriously, aren’t those cool names for paint colors?

While not particularly vibrant, it’s still awesome that Jeep is willing to offer a nice tan color like this, which should really make these vehicles stand out from surrounding traffic. If you want something brighter, from searing yellow to spicy red, the brand has plenty of other options as well. But if Gobi tickles your proverbial fancy, the order books should be open right now. This optional paint is priced at a modest $495 and can be ordered through June of 2022. All variants of the Gladiator are available with this earth-tone color, though it’s also available on Sport, Sahara, Mojave, Rubicon, 4xe and 392┬áversions of the Wrangler.

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