Lincoln car wash cleans thousands, busiest day in weeks

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – One area business is having its busiest day in weeks as temperature in Lincoln reached the 20s on Thursday. With the pandemic, cleaning your car might be the last item on your to do list, but experts tell 10/11 NOW, it’s important to remember.

On days like Thursday, employees at JetSplash Car Wash can be spotted wearing light jackets and cleaning nearly 100 cars an hour.

“After all the cold weather we’re really busy today,” said Connor Eckhout, a team leader at JetSpalsh. “Everyone wants to get the salt off their car. We’ve been non-stop busy since we opened this morning and it’s definitely going to be like that through the weekend.”

The JetSplash crew said they can wash and towel dry more than 1,000 cars a day.

“We’re non-stop busy doing 120 cars an hour,” Eckhout said.

Those at JetSplash recommend getting your car cleaned weekly during the winter. It’s important to get the salt off, not only where you can see it, but also the underbody of the car.

“When we do have the salt on the roads, it’s extra hard on that clear coat. I’d say wash it as much as you can get it in,” Eckhout said.

With more than a foot of snow still on the ground, they don’t recommend waiting for the snow to melt to get your car cleaned.

“I wouldn’t advise waiting,” Eckhout said. “I personally have been washing my car through this, so if you can get in I would recommend it.”

JetSplash doesn’t close during the sub-zero weather. They have memberships and want to be as available as much as possible for their customers.

It’s pretty much business as usual year-round. When it’s not bugs in the summer, it’s mud and road salt in the winter.

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