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Save 54% on the One Thing Every Garage Needs


Save 54% on the One Thing Every Garage Needs

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Look in any professional garage or shop, and you’ll see a few items that all of them have. Toolboxes, creepers, etc. Grease and grime, of course. But there’s one more thing that all shops contain that we don’t often think much about. Right now you can pick up that item for more than half off its normal price.

Permatex’s Fast Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner, in the one-gallon bottle with the pump, usually costs upwards of $25. But today you can grab it at Amazon for just $10.24. That’s a savings of 54 percent.

You’ll find some type of pumice hand cleaner in every mechanic’s shop and most home garages. But professionals know: Permatex Fast Orange is one of the best you can buy. It’s a quality hand cleaner that works, and it comes from a trusted brand name in automotive products. This gallon-sized tub should last a long, long time, and the pump action makes dispensing easy, even with dirty hands.

Yesterday, this same item was just $9.95. Not that today’s price represents a huge jump, but it does demonstrate that Amazon can change prices on the fly. So if you want to score this deal, we definitely recommend you jump on it now. Like, right now.

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