25/07/2024 6:09 PM

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The 8 Top Dynamics of the Nissan GT-R 2012

Nissan has finally done it. With the increasing rivalry between Nissan and Porsche, Nissan has won the battle with the highest rated car and the fastest 0-60 miles coverage in just 2.9 seconds. The 2012 Nissan GT-R is one means of auto transport to get into technology advancements in cars. During a press release in January 2012 in California, the company promised the world a three wings buzz of a bee speed for this car. However, some geek sin the market, say that it does 0-60 miles in 3 seconds. This makes the record a bit dull, do not you think?

However, while the car was tested after the release it did the same 0-60 miles in 2.9 seconds. The journalists were spat in the face who wrote skeptical articles in news about its false speed limits. It has an high-octane pump gas equipment with 91 octane to be exact. It has an ambient temperature pressure at 51 degrees. The clutch got hot but the car has to be given the benefit of doubt. The computer system requires a cool down for 1.5 miles before it can race again, so the car has to be a bit more technology like as it is depicted. It has the following reviews from researchers in the market and users:

1) It is called an invincible car. According to online Webster, it is unbeatable until now. It is impossible to overdo or over throw for that matter. To ensure that this review is right, why don’t you start the engine and set up the accelerator?

2) This car is reworked though but is superb in driving and its interior is luxury enough. The engine is pure power, the suspension technology is much revised and speedy, the wheeling is lighter and the overall design is sports cum executive.

3) The brakes are bigger in size and power as well to give instant access to stationary mode. The stiffer chassis has improved the overall performance with improved aerodynamics. The more the drag and increase down force is, the better is the engine cooling effect.

4) The changes above have improved the overall driving features and the running of the car.

5) The launch control debacle is the same, but the price has significantly risen.

6) The airflow has been redirected to the sides, as in the previous versions it fell off from the front at the back. This gives it lighter effect to speed up like an airplane.

7) The diffuser in the back has been replaced with some more power and extended in its functions. It improves the overall airflow over the exhausted parts or components. The outlet on the rear fender is engineered to pull up air from the back wheels and the brake cooling is exquisite.

8) The new vents are very much visible to the eye at the back of the wheels at the back. The purely cosmetic diameter of wheels makes the cargo suave.

For more specs and features, why not buy the car and go for a drive test? It will show you what it is capable of.