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Top Reasons to Buy Your Next Car From a Dealership

Car buyers often need help with a tough choice: buying a car from a dealership or working with private sellers. Choosing the right option can significantly affect how much time, effort, and money you spend during car-buying.

Wide Selection of Vehicles

A car is a major purchase that requires careful thought. Whether you’re shopping for a small sports vehicle or a large SUV, there are many considerations. You must also consider budgetary limitations and whether you’ll be able to find parking on busy streets.

Car dealerships such as the Kia of Irvine have many vehicles available on their lots, including new and used models. If you’re looking for a specific model, they can usually order it for you. Buying from a dealer can also be easier because they handle your paperwork. This includes transferring the title and registration and filing the required paperwork with your state’s DMV. This saves time and hassle for the buyer. Additionally, many dealerships offer a one-stop shop for financing, insurance, and service options, making the process more convenient.

Post-Sale Services

Compared to private sellers and online retailers, dealerships offer additional post-sale services. For example, a dealership may have departments specializing in filling out sales paperwork to help buyers save time and frustration.

Moreover, dealerships often have finance departments to help you find a car loan with competitive rates and terms. Additionally, if you buy a new vehicle from a dealer, they will likely include warranties and maintenance programs as part of the purchase price.

You can also save on new vehicles by shopping during year-end events, three-day holiday weekends, and at the end of each month when dealers try to meet sales quotas. 

Financing Options

Car financing allows you to purchase a vehicle while spreading out the cost of the car with monthly payments. Dealerships offer both new and used car financing, but you should always shop around for the best rates. You can avoid dealership financing by getting preapproved for a loan from a bank or other lender before you visit a dealer. This will give you a sense of the credit terms, such as the interest rate and the maximum amount you can borrow to use during negotiations.

If you do opt for dealership financing, you’ll need to provide your driver’s license, proof of income (typically using computer-generated check stubs), and other required documents. 


If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, buying from a dealership may be your best option. Car dealers can provide valuable benefits that private sellers and online retailers can’t.

For example, savvy shoppers can take advantage of sales events like year-end or three-day weekend deals to get more cars for their money. Local dealers often work closely with neighborhood financial institutions to get buyers quality car loans, making it easier to afford a more expensive vehicle.

However, it’s important to watch for hidden costs, such as dealer add-ons like VIN etching or rust proofing that can cost thousands of dollars and often aren’t necessary – especially since these features can be purchased more cheaply online.

Peace of Mind

While some people swear by the idea of buying a car from a private seller, there are many advantages to going to a dealership instead. For one, dealerships often offer extra features you won’t find from a private seller. This includes extended warranties, curb rash removal, and more.

Dealerships stay in business by keeping their customers happy, and a big part of that is offering reliable, high-quality vehicles that you can depend on. They can also help you with post-sale services, such as filing taxes or transferring the title.

Moreover, some dealerships even hire experts to help buyers choose the right vehicle. They can even inspect the vehicle and look for mechanical issues before buying it, saving you thousands of dollars in repairs.