Truck Incidents: Lowboy Vehicles

Tractor-trailer mishaps can be some of the most serious mishaps on U.S. highways, merely because of to the massive size and fat of these types of vehicles. Lowboy vehicles, in particular, pose various specific basic safety problems.

What is a Lowboy Truck?

A lowboy truck is defined as big trucking vehicle related to an open up, flat trailer. The trailer’s deck height is incredibly small to the floor, so that cargo can be loaded and unloaded easily. The trailer is typically utilized to have big, weighty design or industrial tools. Specific permits are generally demanded for lowboy vehicles because of the oversized loads.

There are two types of lowboy truck-trailers, entrance loading and rear loading. With a entrance loader, the gooseneck (big steel equipment that connects the trailer to the truck) both detaches or folds down for loading from the entrance of the trailer. Rear-loading lowboy trailers have a stationary gooseneck and a rear, folding ramp for loading.

Lowboy Incidents and Safety Considerations

Unsecured loads

The weighty loads carried on lowboy truck-trailer combos require to be securely hooked up to the center of the trailer. This stops the load from shifting through transit. If shifting occurs, the truck and trailer can develop into off-balance, leading to driver command issues, or a jackknifed rig.

In addition, if the load is not secured effectively, a piece of weighty tools could roll off through transport or at the point of unloading. This is a authentic concern for employees loading and unloading tools, and vehicles touring close to, and especially at the rear of, a lowboy truck.


Brake and parking brake process maintenance is important for these lowboy truck-trailer combos, as a lowboy driver not able to brake correctly can induce a serious highway accident.

Pinch details and crushing dangers

Lowboy operators and employees will have to be more careful, as there are many hugely harmful “pinch details” from movable sections in the goosenecks, ramps, winches and other spots. These pinch details can crush a employee easily through loading and unloading cargo, strapping cargo and hooking the lowboy trailer to the truck.

In addition, to avoid possible crushing dangers, unloading and loading on tricky, amount floor is paramount to basic safety.

Diminished driver views

When a lowboy truck is hauling a big load of tools, the driver will be not able to see, in most instances, folks all around the vehicle or other site visitors in the truck’s blind spots.