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A History Of Aerial Lift Of Connecticut Bucket Trucks

Aerial Lift of Connecticut is an expert in aerial device manufacturing for vehicles, specifically lift trucks. The company was started in 1958, and was bought by Altec Nueco, a well-known vendor of secondhand trucks. At the moment, Altec NUECO provides customer support and service to Aerial Lift of Connecticut’s clients.


ALoC’s equipment is placed on a truck’s bed and lifts the user up at heights starting from 40 to 77 feet. It has a wide range of uses among which includes changing bulbs on streetlamps, rescue operations, window washing, and construction, among others. If you are wondering how the Aerial Lift of Connecticut bucket boom trucks are categorized, it is done according to the boom’s location, which can be center-mounted or rear-mounted. The typical bucket truck has a rear-mounted lift. However, if the truck needs a chip box body, the lift is attached to the frame at the back of the driver cabin.

Before they were acquired, Aerial Lift of Connecticut had a substantial market share in bucket trucks. This is because most people feel that the ALoC bucket trucks is among the best in the market. According to customer feedback, the bucket trucks were seen as high-quality machinery that can last for decades of use. Over the years, the company has also innovated. It came up with the AL-77-53 model, which has a hydraulic-controlled elevator that can reach up to 77 feet.

Truck Installations

You will find that the Aerial Lift of Connecticut also has chip boxes and lifts available for 2WD, 4WD, and multi-axle trucks. The Aerial Lift of Connecticut bucket lift trucks have lifts for every application like construction, maintenance, firefighting, forestry, and window washing.

Examples of these are the AL-77-53 and AL-60-50 lifts, which can go upward and sideways to give you access to places that you normally will not be able to reach. The upper controls have a fiberglass tool scabbard. Also, the booms of the lift were made to be stacked on top of each other so that you can make a stronger and more durable lift. In fact, the company also sells lifts that can be put on all-terrain skidders.

Customer Care

Aerial Lift of Connecticut is also known for having a reputation for excellent customer care. Many of their satisfied clients will tell you how prompt and effective the company is when it comes to emergency repairs and yearly maintenance. When Altec NUECO took over, they continued providing superior customer service, even offering comprehensive overhaul services for old models of utility trucks. This is why, despite the competition, most people still prefer Aerial Lift of Connecticut bucket trucks.