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Galaxies Express Car Wash is launching a second Killeen location this fall |


Business is booming at Galaxies Express Car Wash in Killeen.

Things are going to so well at the car wash’s location at 1300 E. Stan Schlueter Loop, that the Galaxies Express owner, Luke Mayo, decided to open up second location.

“Though COVID put a damper on many things like resources, labor and supply, we are currently on track to open the new location in the first week of August,” Mayo said.

Mayo described the new location to be a “state of the art luxury car wash” in which customers can enjoy various washing experiences and will feature 33 free vacuum lanes. There will also be a large interactive mural designed by an artist from Austin that guests can take pictures with.

The second location will be located at 5680 E. Central Texas Expressway in Killeen, near Seton Medical Center. It is under construction.

Once the new location opens, a few changes will be made to both locations. First the minimum wage for employees will be raised from $13 and hour to $15 an hour.

“I could see that the cost of living and the economy was rising, so I knew I needed to do right by my employees,” Mayo said.

Another change is the option to have a $1 car wash. It will be the cheapest option customers can buy and will include a basic soap, a pat down, and a final rinse in the car tunnel. Blow drying the vehicle will not be included in the package.

Mayo is also planning to open two more locations in the Killeen area once the second location is finished. He plans on working on the two locations at the same time and has already purchased the land. The third location will be located off Farm-to-Market 2410 and Mountain Lion Road in Heights, and the fourth location will be off Clear Creak Road in Killeen.

Galaxies Express Car wash currently offers four different car washing experiences ranging from $7 to $23 and has membership options for frequent customers.

“I am all about taking care of our customers,” Mayo said. “I tell my employees to treat them like they are family.”

With his success leading to three more locations, Mayo wanted to extend his thanks to three men who helped lift him up in the local business scene.

“I want to thank my good friends Gary Mclane, Randy Sutton with Ban Corp. and the late Bill Yowell for helping me down this road,” he said.

To learn more about car wash options, go to galaxiesepress.com or call 254-245-8800.


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